2018 Wilderness Traverse Summary

Wilderness Traverse, Canada’s premier overnight adventure race, is coming to the Parry Sound area on Sept. 29-30, 2018. Teams of three or four men and women will navigate using map and compass as they travel 140 kilometres through rugged Canadian Shield backcountry by foot, mountain bike and canoe. The 2018 edition of Wilderness Traverse will be hosted at Grand Tappattoo Resort in Seguin.

This year’s race course will be revealed on Friday, Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. when teams will receive maps and instructions to plan their routes. On Saturday at 8 a.m., 48 teams will begin mountain biking, trekking and paddling non-stop for the next 20– 30 hours. During this time they must visit a sequence of checkpoints on an unmarked course until they reach the finish line.

Physical strength and fitness will be assets but they will not be the determining factors in the success of most teams. Teamwork, navigation, humility and mental fortitude will all be key – and a good selection of junk food never hurts!

Teams are carrying GPS trackers that display their locations and routes on a map for safety purposes and for spectators. These units are not used for navigation. If you would like to follow the race online in real time and see the race maps, check out the Wilderness Traverse Live Race Coverage.

Racers will be crossing the finish line at Grand Tappattoo Resort from the wee hours Sunday morning until 2 p.m.

Please consider helping us raise funds for Outward Bound Canada’s charitable programs for vulnerable youth and adults. Three of our teams have been actively fundraising this year: Muck Dynasty, The Breakfast Club and The Stoics.
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