2013 Gold Rush Mother Lode Course

The 2013 Gold Rush Mother Lode takes competitors up and back into the California Sierras. Race start at Tuttletown on the huge Lake Melones lake. The lake is down a hundred feet because of drought conditions in Northern California. Teams will tackle a short section on foot and then return to near the start location to pick up boats and paddle gear. Two boats per team of 3 or 4. Teams will paddle across the lake and tackle foot sections to CP’s in Peoria hills. They then paddle on up the eastern arm of the lake toward TA1 at Camp Nine. Before reaching TA1 the water end of the lake will be reached. When the lake water ends and turns to river, teams will leave their boats by tying them to a buoy that will be placed in the lake. Teams will have to have a t least one person swim from their tethered boats to the shore and continue on foot up the rugged river canyon to Camp Nine. Teams climb steeply out of the Middle Fork Stanislaus river canyon onto the Italian Bar area of the foothills. A long rugged bike ride takes teams from 800 ft on the lake to 4500 ft at Fraser Flat. TA2 Leaving TA2 on foot the teams begin a long and rugged trekking section touching altitudes of 9000ft. In the middle they will encounter a huge ropes course on Double Dome Rocks. Following rugged country after the ropes teams turn westwards and head for TA3 at Camp Oski in Pinecrest. Teams switch back to bikes and cycle single tack and forest roads with long sections of downhill to Lyons resevoir and then climb out of the valley and follow a few final miles on small road s to the finish on the lawn of the Long Barn Lodge. Long Barn Lodge– FINISH – Cut off time is 3pm Sunday. elevation profiles:
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